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Why use Colostrum? Colostrum is the first line of defense to get your calves off to a healthy start. After that, milk replacer, nutritional vitamin and mineral supplements along with quality feed, sanitary housing and a gentle touch are all you need.

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Raising Healthy Cows The dairy and beef industries are two of the largest food chain industries in the US, where most dairy farmers and calf raisers share similar goals: Keeping production up, and raising healthy, happy cows.

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Horses & the U.S. Economy Whether you're into barrel racing, rodeos, buggies, trail riding, horse racing, or working with horses, horse lovers and the owners of horses play an important part in a very vital segment of our U.S. economy.

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Custom Blending | Bagging Lawley's Inc. utilizes modern mixing and bagging equipment for private labeling and custom blending. We can also ship, receive and warehouse your product.

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For quick results, BOUNCE can be fed in water or in the milk as a dose of energy for dairy calves. You owe it to yourself and your calves to give BOUNCE a try. Get your "poor doing" calves up and feeling better soon. Feed them BOUNCE!

  • Bounce supplies a dose of quick energy for calves.
  • Bounce helps dairy calves deal better with stress.
  • Bounce assists in the production of protein for dairy calves.

Genuine Lawley's Products


With over 29 years of specialization in animal nutrition and prevention of animal illnesses, the Lawley's brand has become nationally recognized for the company's long line of animal nutrition products.

In the Lawley family tradition, Lawley's Inc. continues to manufacture and distribute nutritional calf products for the dairy industry, as well as animal supplements for replacement heifers and cows, beef cattle, horses, poultry, swine, and lamb/kid.

Our experienced sales team is here to serve you. You owe it to yourself and your animals to give Genuine Lawley's Animal Products a try.

Eliminator of Stress

Your Heifers and Cows will exhibit a healthy appetite and be noticeably more energetic and resistant to stress related problems when fed Lawley's ELIMINATOR OF STRESS for Heifers and Cows.

Now in Bolus Form

  • Available in 100, 200 or 400 Count Packaging
  • Also available in powdered form in 25 lb. Buckets
  • 50 lb. Bags or 100 lb. Drums

Cold Weather Fact

Living conditions for calves, including cold weather is a direct factor in the poor performance and even death of calves. You owe it to yourself and your calves to try Lawley's CALF ENERGIZER.

Calf Products

All-Star Milk Replacer

Lawley's ALL-STAR MILK REPLACER is easy to mix, easy to digest. Known for its excellent taste, our...


BOUNCE supplies "poor doing" or "stressed" calves with easily digestible energy, vitamins and trace...

Calf Energizer

Lawley's CALF ENERGIZER is a concentrated, high quality, high energy, easy to mix and easy to digest...
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Lawley's Custom Blending

Custom Blending

Lawley's mixing and bagging facility is complete with modern dust recovery systems keeping waste and shrinkage to a minimum.

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Heifer | Cow Products

Eliminator | Heifers | Cows

Your heifers and cows will exhibit a healthy appetite and be noticeably more energetic and resistant...

R.F.A | Heifers | Cows

R.F.A. (RUMEN FERMENTATION ACCELERANT) improves and maintains conditioning through enhanced digestion...


Lawley's STAND-UP FRESH COW DRENCH supplies the needed energy to help your cows recover from the...
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Warehousing and Shipping

Warehousing | Shipping

Lawley's Inc. warehouse is conveniently located in Stockton, CA for greater access to our customers on the west coast.

We're fast, we're friendly, we're efficient. Give us a try!

PHONE :: 209-337-1170
FAX :: 209-337-1171

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